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    Using automation, technology and statistics services, Actionline
    offers its customers a comprehensive experience, finding new,
    innovative ways to interact at every stage of the relationship.

    Every new contact is unique, every experience is important and
    every customer is special: we know that.

    • Business Analytics

      People Analytics
      Pricing Analytics
      Fraud Scoring
      Risk Analytics
      Collection Scoring
      Geo Mining
      Digital Response

    • Sales

      Outbound and Inboud sales
      Cross and Up sell

    • Back-Office

      Analysis and Fraud Prevention
      Dealings critical cases
      Dealings with regulators agencies (ex. Anatel, Procon)

    • Customer Service

      Customer Care Service and Relationship
      Service complaints
      Loyalty and Retention

    • Collection

      Due Negotiation
      Credit recovery

    • Social Media

      Negotiations with internal areas
      Insights for Business

    • Technical Support

      1º level Help Desk Service
      2º level Field Service
      Monitoring and Environment management